Welcome to the CALOOSA BIRD CLUB 

65 Years


The Caloosa Bird Club, founded in 1958, is a seasonal organization for our more northern "snowbirds" of the human persuasion. Many of our members make the Fort Myers, Florida area their winter home, migrating here to warmer climes during the fall and winter months and back north again with the spring.

Our interest is the study of birds, including field identification, song, migration, population trends, food, behavior and habitat. There is also a "social" aspect to the club, where members renew old friendships and enjoy each other's company while focusing on their mutual interests of birds and birding.  We've started a Facebook Page for members to share memories, photos and information.

Meetings and Field Trips

There is a general meeting at 2:00 pm every second Sunday during the months of November through April.  On each Monday during the season, there is a scheduled field trip, usually ending with a picnic-style lunch.  There are also trips planned on Saturdays to STA 5 during the season. A few trips to more distant birding sites such as St. Marks N.W.R. or Everglades N.P. require an overnight or longer stay.  At the end of each trip, a list of bird sightings and the number of participants is compiled for club records.  The meeting and trip schedule can be found on the "Events" tab.

Vince McGrath: Trip Chairman

Christmas Bird Count

On a Monday in December, the club conducts a Christmas Bird Count for the National Audubon Society.  The club's circle, centered in southern Cape Coral, radiates 15 miles to portions of Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Pine Island.  Results of the Christmas Bird Count can be obtained by digital delivery rather than mailing the CBC summary report to participants. Charlie Ewell is the Christmas Bird Count Chair.


Members are expected to lead field trips, participate in the Christmas Bird Count, and serve in the various capacities that are vital to the operation of the club.  Prospective members must attend one general meeting, participate in two field trips, and show serious interest in the purpose and function of the club.  If you can fulfill the above requirements and expectations for membership, and are sincerely interested in becoming a Caloosa Bird Club member, please download a copy of the membership application after all membership requirements have been met.  Send the completed application along with the initiation fee and dues payment to the Membership Chair.  The application will be submitted to the Executive Committee for action. New members pay a $15 initiation fee.  Dues are $20 per year.

Contact: Membership Chair Elle O'Neill (elleoneill67@yahoo.com)